The company specializes in the production of ceramic (red) bricks. The plant’s products are widely known both in the Smolensk region and beyond. The first release of products at the factory took place in 1902, and today the sale of bricks produced here is carried out throughout Central Russia.

Now 33 million bricks are produced per year. Products are famous for their high quality and environmental friendliness. Brick brand M-150, created at the brick factory "Tellura", meets state standards and is characterized by high strength and durability. A solid single brick, according to GOST 530-2012, has a normal format size of 250x120x65 mm. Frost resistance is such that the product, being in water, can go through 25 full cycles of freezing and thawing, until they begin to show minor damage.


Address: 214032, Smolensk, ulitsa Lavochkina 90

Phone: +7 (4812) 44-65-83


23 Normandiya-Neman st., Smolensk, RUSSIA 214030
Working hours: 9:00 - 18:00,
days off: Sat, Sun.

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