The "Ecodom" company has been producing and assembling energy-efficient wooden frame-panel houses under the MakHouse brand for more than 15 years. The production technology is protected by patents in Russia and Europe.

All houses are manufactured at the company's factory and assembled at the customer's site in a few days. Houses are installed on foundations of any type, erected at any time of the year and do not shrink. Over the years, the company has implemented dozens of successful projects in Russia, Belarus and Latvia.



Address: 214950, Smolensk Oblast, stroenie severnee derevnya Kovalevka

Phone: +7 (930) 301-33-30


23 Normandiya-Neman st., Smolensk, RUSSIA 214030
Working hours: 9:00 - 18:00,
days off: Sat, Sun.

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