The company under the trade name "MakeWake" creates professional infrastructure for water sports, primarily promoting wakeboarding. Maori, LLC is engaged in the development of mechanized cable-towing installations, winches, and also manufactures figures for the equipment of wake parks. "MakeWake" figures are made of high quality plastic with the addition of ultraviolet and frictional additives. When gluing plastic, double seam technology is used, which makes it stronger than the structure of the plastic itself. The manufacturer offers ready-made turnkey design solutions: design, manufacture, support. The company's products are sold throughout Russia, and recently appeared in the wake park in the Czech Republic.



Adress: 214022, Smolensk, poselok Serebryanka 100, stroenie 2

Phone: +7 (920) 308-01-01


23 Normandiya-Neman st., Smolensk, RUSSIA 214030
Working hours: 9:00 - 18:00,
days off: Sat, Sun.

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