Alvid is young, dynamically developing enterprise specializing in production of aluminium profiles of different types and sizes with an anodizing finish. Production of general construction aluminium profiles, complex types and sizes from the range of furniture and facade profiles, as well as aluminium profiles of various configuration made according to customer’s individual drawings has been launched and successfully worked through.

Production of aluminium profile is performed on high-technology equipment including:

Automated extrusion lines on the base of horizontal hydraulic presses GSB0010 and JLM1800T with 1000 and 1800 tonnage, where the billet diameter reaches 178 mm; automated transportation lines; gas aging furnaces for finished products.

Extrusion toolage is supplied by Russian and Turkish leading manufacturers, its operation activity is carried out in conditions of multiple nitriding. Profiles are made of EN AW 1050, EN AW 6060, EN AW 6063 alloys in accordance with State Standard 8617-81 and State Standard 222333-01 requirements.

Delivery condition:

h/p (hot-pressed without further heat treatment);

Т1 (completely hardened and artificially aged).

Maximum profile length is 8 m. Weight (theoretical) of one running meter varies from 0,100 to 9 kg. Maximum diameter of circumscribed circle is up to 200 m with width up to 240 mm (thin profile). Profile length — from 2,0 to 8,0 m, cut is customized. Minimum profile wall thickness is 0,9 mm, maximum wall thickness – 10 mm. Individual package is available by agreement with the client. Bead-blasting treatment is carried out with round steel rustproof shot CHRONITAL with S0,1-S0,2 fraction. Anodizing is performed in the following colours: silver, gold, champagne, cognac. From October 2013 anodizing is also possible to make in matte black colour. Capacity of the anodizing line is 300-400 t. The plant is situated in Smolensk which in turn enables fast products delivery to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.


Address: 214032, Smolensk, ulitsa Lavochkina 100

Phone: +7(499)677-23-77



23 Normandiya-Neman st., Smolensk, RUSSIA 214030
Working hours: 9:00 - 18:00,
days off: Sat, Sun.

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